Tour in morocco to Learn moroccan food

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Morocco, the name itself evokes exotic images. Moroccan cuisine has strong routes in tradition and is rated as THE best in the world. The Moroccans are very proud of their food. The sharing of meals is an integral part of the culinary experience and the foundation of the Moroccan way of life There is a strong sense of family and tribe.
Morocco is an agricultural paradise. The heart of Moroccan cuisine lies in the spices expelling tantalizing fragrance, color and warmth. Set recipes are very rare, each dish will have the signature of the creator, who is always a woman.
Learn the Arabic for key local ingredients. Shop with locals at a souq. Learn to make Moroccan cuisine. Enjoy a lunch – cooked by you!
A gastronomic tour passing through Fez, Merzouga. Erfoud. Marrakech Ouarzazate. Where you will test the Moroccan wine and at the same time u enjoy both thing the cuisine and culture. During this tour you will have enough time to visit the country., And each city we will have time to learn food of each region.
tell us wish airport u will arrived and we send u the intenery to have this amizing tourr ¡¡¡